Saturday, February 21, 2009

25 GBs of Free Hard Disk like WebSpace from Microsoft

This is what I've been looking for several years. I remember googling "free web space", "online storage" blah blah and what not? but could never find anything of this sort. You can drag and drop your files from your PC to web, its easy like 1 2 3 ..

Finally an answer to my craving, hit the link below to learn more and own this resource for free:

Why was I always looking for online webspace ?

  1. Need Backup:  How do I save my data? I was scared to death what if my  disk crashes ?

  2. Common Data Store: I was switching all the time from my PC to lappy to my handheld PC, working from home and office and all the time keep carrying data in pen drives and stuff. You can well imagine how badly I needed online space for my data.

  3. Dependability: some kind of dependable online storage would be amazing, I don't remember when my mails in my yahoo inbox crashed, well they never did in the past one decade+ Apparently, we can depend on yahoo, google, live(microsoft) for virus free and safe web vaults.

  4. Only getting better: as I believe microsoft will only improve this free service and we can expect other rivals like google, yahoo etc. offering even better similar service in the future


In order to be able to utilise this free resource, you would need to install silverlight from microsoft, its quick, won't take more than a few minutes even on a slow wireless connection. Hit the install link at below URL:

Will write more later, want to just crash on bed now, pretty late here ...


  1. Thats good news. But in my opinion we have to cosider different features before choose a hosting company. Web Hosting Servicesshould include backup plan,customer service, downtime and response time.

  2. This is indeed awesome, hard to believe that microsoft is offering freebies like this, I'll this rightaway !

  3. Indeed a great offer from microsoft! It will be very useful.